Escape the noisy city into Room 25s intimate settings. Enter an installation based on listening and experience it by yourself, with no one to disturb you. Immerse yourself in sound, art, and space.

You can visit whenever you want, and whenever you need it, it’s open 24/7-  you only need an access code. 

When you arrive at Room 25, press the entrance code on the door handle, open the door and come inside.

It’s simple.

Room 25 is dedicated to future thinking of the arts’ role in daily life and its distribution. We are committed to a new way to present and experience art and music. We believe in listening, intimacy, and making art as accessible as possible. We foster collaborations between visual artists and musicians while working closely on commissioned experimental projects. 

Sound is Room 25’s guiding principle – a physical conductor that goes beyond words, straight to the body’s core.

Room 25 was created by curator and architect Hagit Emma WernerWerner has been active in the local art scene for over ten years, dedicated to developing new formats to experience art and curating cutting-edge projects as Compositions for TimeSpace (Tel-Aviv Museum 2017), Songs For The Next War (Helena Rubinshtein Pavilion, 2016), Cave Study (Tel-Aviv Museum 2015), SoundArt Passage (Pasaz Allenby Street, 2013-2015).  

Room 25 is supported by Mr. Mati Broudo, an entrepreneur, collector, patron, and the former publisher of “Programma” Art Magazine (2009-2011).  

Werner and Broudo are committed to fostering local creativity, helping artists and musicians collaborate and develop and realize projects, and expanding the presence of art in the city arena. 

Room 25 is powered by the Israeli speaker company Morel.

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Ways to get here

Room 25 is located at Herzl 16 Tel-Aviv, up on the rooftop. 

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