Room 25 is a sound-based art space conceived as an “escape into a room, ” an intimate platform for deep listening and immersive experiences.
The works on display are commissioned installations by interdisciplinary artists and musicians working collaboratively with the room curator. 

Room 25 is accessible 24/7 with an entry code.
Entry is recommended for one or two at a time. 

To receive the code, send an email or SMS message and check your inbox:
SMS +972-55-958-0883

Room 25 was created by Hagit Emma Werner, an architect, and curator based in Tel-Aviv.
Her focus is on sound and its ability to introduce a different outlook to contemporary art.
Werner had curated various innovative projects in the past years. Among them: the exhibition series “composition for TimeSpace” in Tel Aviv Museum (2017); “SoundArt Passage,” a platform to examine the durational relationship between space, work, and audience through performative installations.
Werner received her B-Architecture and her Master’s in Policy & Theory of the Arts from Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem.
Her Bachelor in architecture is also from Bezalel.

Room 25 is supported by Matti Brodo and powered by the Israeli speaker company Morel.

Ways to get here

Room 25 is located at Herzl 16 Tel-Aviv, up on the rooftop. 

Please leave us your name & email. Check your inbox shortly.