Photography Tom Porat



Yehezkel Raz & Yosef Mashiach


Hagit Emma Werner

The exhibition “Variations” by musician Yehezkel Raz and visual artist Yosef Mashiach is an immersive audio-visual installation. It features three intertwined channels of sound and light: three light strips that react to three sound channels in a dynamic and random-generative mechanism. Each sound channel can play any of the 12 notes composing a Western musical scale – from C to B, including semitones (sharp or flat), and each light strip will play the corresponding image that is linked and adapted to it.
The music playing in space results from the relationships between the three sound channels and, more precisely, the harmonious or dissonant chords that arise from their random encounters, as well as the imagery that will change or remain constant according to the notes playing. Theoretically, just as the twelve notes contain within them the potential for all unwritten songs, so does the range of colors in the RGB spectrum hold the potential to create all possible images.

In practice, the outcome of the installation is abstract. The music doesn’t follow a predetermined melody, and the images remain fluid, refusing to settle into concrete forms. Instead, they hint at the possibilities of composition, leaving interpretation to the viewer/listener.
It’s not a piece that unfolds and invites the viewer/listener to understand it in a linear manner of beginning/middle/end, but rather a piece that exists indefinitely and invites contemplation and introspection, alignment, and connection to the internal hearing and seeing that exists within each one of us.

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