Photography Nadav Yahalomi

About The Mirror and Its Pieces


Zoe Polanski and Naama Bar-or


Hagit Emma Werner

The installation title is taken from the children’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen” first chapter, written by Hans Christian Andersen. “The Mirror and Its Pieces,” tells of a magic mirror created in the sky by the devil’s trolls. The magic mirror distorts everything; it reflects and magnifies everything terrible and ugly instead of the good and beautiful aspects of The world. But, unfortunately, the mirror shattered into millions of pieces. It fell to earth, right into people’s bodies. Hardening their hearts, forcing their eyes to only the bad, ugly, and suffer in the world.
By collaborating, the two artists collect the pieces and create a new mirror from which beauty can be seen.

Polanski composed and produced 13 minutes and 42 seconds long musical piece played repeatedly in space. It is a minimalist composition. It is built slowly by short loops stacked on top of each other, layer upon layer. Polanski interweaved short breaks of silence between them, creating a dream-like soundscape from which a melody emerges for a moment.
Bar-Or, in her side, harnessed the sun that enters the room through the window. The light, which is naturally projected from the window onto the floor, is displayed vertically on a stretched canvas. Thus, the Sun movement can be seen on the canvas throughout the day. Rising through the middle of the day to sunset, into the night, and back again.


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