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Hagit Emma Werner

The sound you hear is impermanent.
It can be adjusted, slowed down, or accelerated. You can use the small knobs to adjust the pitch of the recorded sounds and make subtle changes on the tape loops. When you change the speed of each loop, you will create an entirely different relationship and dynamic. Familiar and trivial sounds at a particular pitch will sound completely different at a different one. Every change you make will change the quality, hue, and atmosphere in the room.

The sound you hear is impermanent. It depends on the movement of the loops hanging in space. One is in free motion. Waving, curling, sometimes touching the wall or the floor. A second stretch down on a heavy metal ring. A third moves in a fixed trajectory, trapped inside a cassette. Since each loop is in different tension, it will change differently. Each change will create a whole new relationship between the sound loops.

The sound you hear is impermanent.
The environment affects the changes in the sound, not only you. For example, light, moisture, and dust will affect the tape’s material since it is outside of its media- the tape recorder. As a result, the material, and thus the quality of the sound recorded on it, will change over time. Consequently, the atmosphere that the sound creates in the room will also change.

The sound you hear now is always different from what it was before and is different from what it will be later. Although the loops repeat again and again, are they the same? Are you the same? Each repetition allows a space in which you, as listeners, are invited to enter.
You are invited to change the pitch to your own frequency and to sit down, listen, observe and absorb.

Hagit Emma Werner


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